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Giant Energypak 500Wh Downtube Release Battery

Giant Energypak 500Wh Downtube Release Battery

SKU: 244M36500F-13V

Giant EnergyPak Downtube Side Release 500 Wh battery is suitable for all Giant e-bike models such as Fathom, Explore or Liv Vall. The battery serves as a replacement, additional or exchange battery. The Giant EnergyPak Downtube Side Release battery has an output of 500 Wh with 36 volts and is charged via the 3 pin charging socket.




Battery capacity:400 Wh - 499 Wh
Drive system:Giant drive
Giant SyncDrive System:Giant SyncDrive Pro, Giant SyncDrive Sport
Weight:3.2 Kg
Item:Giant Side Release EnergyPak battery 500 WH
Compatibility:for all models from 2017 with Side Release battery
Material:Lithium Ion
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