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OKO BioBike 250ml Inner Tube Sealant

OKO BioBike 250ml Inner Tube Sealant

  • The First Dedicated 100% Biodegradable Inner Tube Bike Sealant

  • New plant and mineral fibre formula

  • Seals holes in tubes up to 6mm

  • Works on multiple punctures

  • Suitable for touring, commuter, folding, urban bikes – and any bike rental scheme


NEW OKO BioBike is a genuine breakthrough in the bike market.


There have been some attempts to produce all-purpose biodegradable tyre sealants – but they failed due to poor performance in both tubes and tubeless: the two types demand different formulae.


We have focused this product totally on the needs of inner tube user.


Its sealing ability of up to 6mm in larger tyres is double that of the traditional market leader.


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