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RideWrap Chainstay Armor

RideWrap Chainstay Armor


RideWrap Essential Frame Protection Kits provide universal coverage that can be tailored to any bike. Made with high-quality materials, RideWrap kits are easy to install and offer excellent durability. Some Essential kits are MTB-specific, others can be used for MTB, Gravel, or Road bikes. These generic kits may require trimming to fit your frame.


Chainstay Armor: Fits all makes and models (MTB, Road, & Gravel). Protects chainstay from chainslap.



  • High-quality materials and designs for easy install and high durability
  • Essential Kits provide around 30% frame coverage
  • Leading coverage per dollar
  • Range of generic models to match your protection needs
  • Install tools always included
  • Comprehensive instructions
  • Matte or gloss finishes available



Color: Matte Black
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